More praises for Aggrey Chepkwony Sambay and his novel- “Tales told by the Son of Kenya”.
This book is superb—a real treat to proofread! What a gripping and touching story…”                                             -Debbie Brunettin.

“It’s an excellent read- I enjoyed working on it”
-Editor, Asthon P. USA-Alameda. California.

“Not only is your book inspiring and educative, but has many different themes and topics of interest to everyone making it a joy to read”      –Nick Balaskas. Department of Physics and Astronomy. York University. 

“It’s always extra-ordinary when one tell his or her story or a tale that’s based on true events, because it always affects the reader in a unique way and reminds them of something that once occurred in their life. Tales told by Son of Kenya share reality, reason many years from now it will go down in the record books as one great work of art that contributed to the act form in general.                                        -M.Marshal.
“This book is a MUST read for all lovers of fiction. It will transport you to a world unlike you have ever known”
-Yahaya Barua, Bestselling author of Struggles of a Dreamer.  Toronto. ON

“What a great writer! I read the synopsis of you book at Amazon.com. I found it captivating and entrancing. Can’t wait to read it all… Keep it up.    -Patricia Mawai, Graduate from Kenyatta University. Nairobi. Kenya.

“Almost done reading it, it’s an EXCELLENT read! Good job Aggrey”.  -Wendy Chepngeno, Grambling State University.Grambling. Louisiana.

“I finished reading it today, very impressed with the written, love the poetical style. Good job”                       Marfo K Bonsu. Brampton.

“Tales told by the Son of Kenya” is a mirror reflecting the multilayered and complex intricacies of Kenyan society, government and business that can equally be both liberating, uplifting and yet without remorse venomous to the multitudes of Wananchi living in Kenya.” I had to read it not once but twice” to be?”  Real review available at  http://maknproductions.com/2013/05/23/tales-told-by-the-son-of-kenya-real-review/
 –Mutendei Akhaya Nabutete- Author of “Poetry Express: What would I want  and Artist/Owner-Maknproductions.com

“Dear Aggrey,
I have just finished reading the book today ….wow……buddy, it can be made into a TV series!

Inspired by fall to dusk childhood stories, this book has become real life events. Aggrey narrates with powerful mind of imagination, the will of a creative thinking and emotions that leaves the reader captured and looking for more. A professor who died a hero, yet with no honor; a greedy Government dissolving every private cosmetic companies leading to joblessness; an arrogant vulgar speaking state president Mutai becoming a poor role model to children, Cultural norms and positions we esteem like being village spokesman, multifaceted giant corruptions that cripple economy, murders, religion, love, relationships, true and fake friendships, society expectations and the daily struggle of going to school and graduating into joblessness are some of the real life events in this book.

The story of Adams in chapter 12 brings to light the reality of a suffering orphan full of dreams. As I read the narration, I was left with an eye opening about real issues we have in society that we ignore, about moral standards and decay we practice daily, the values we keep and the evil that thrives in our minds. Aggrey not only gives us hints on how to be big dreamers, but also what happens to some of us after graduation.
This book is a must read for all. Every one of us will find himself or herself somewhere in this book. Tales have become real. As I keep reading it, my interest level of wanting to do something to help create a second book where Justice has been served, the corrupt have been punished, jobs have been created, heroes die with honor, President Mutai has been sent home packing, cosmetic companies have been revived, corruption free country among others.

I am blessed to have met Aggrey Chepkwony Sambay in person. He is a great speaker and very deep story teller, a gifted listener and a man who is brilliant in all he does”

 –Richard Chadee Obede. Scarborough.