About the book

Tales told by the Son of Kenya” is brilliant work of fiction with a powerful message written to inspire, entertain and inspire you.


The stories revolve around a chemical research plant that was privately owned by individuals and professors but later sold to the government. The research plant becomes a government project and it is decided to keep on the previous employees. Two of these are professors, Taylor and Benson, the most recognized and powerful professors of all time. As the research project monopolizes the country’s economic market, the two employees return and retrieve the secret research chemical warfare documents they had started work on in the early nineties, and bring this project back to life.

This is a science fiction book based around Kenya’s political campaigns in which prominent members of parliament set up plants to manufacture genetically modified agricultural products and drugs for sale on the black market. Only one person was able to investigate the crime going on. During this struggle, there were many killings, betrayals, exile, bloodshed, assassination, scum, romance, and of course political wars—and one story lead to many tales.

Author, Aggrey Sambay is driven by a huge passion to inspire and educate millions of readers worldwide through his book and he urges everyone to GET A COPY OF “TALES TOLD BY THE SON OF KENYA” and be part of this journey.

Order a copy of this book (Print book) directly from the author (Savannah Publishing House) by clicking the “Purchase Here” button on the top right or through the  “PayPal” button on the right and at your request, it would be autographed by the author himself at NO COST AT ALL!

The print book price is $19.99 only and this amount includes, the book itself, of course, handling and shipping only within North and South America.  For other territories outside North and South America, price would differ due to extra costs from shipping charges.

an eBook is also available in the links below;

1) http://www.amazon.ca/TALES-TOLD-THE-KENYA-ebook/dp/B00B0FP4DM

2) http://www.kobobooks.com/ebook/Tales-told-by-Son-Kenya/book-1synsfmt70muZmGsZQZprw/page1.html

You can also contact the author directly through his email address (aggreysambay@gmail.com), phone number, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook page for more information about this book.

Thank you and I do hope you enjoy reading this book.


Aggrey S. Author of “Tales told by the Son of Kenya”


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